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TRAMES is an organization for Cooperation and European Exchanges (public equivalent body)

Institutional aims:

  • the promotion of intercultural dialogue, the reciprocal exchange between European and non European cultures and the reciprocal knowledge of the culture and history of European populations and activities
  • improving the quality of protection and enhancement of natural resources and heritage as well as raising awareness about the importance of preserving landscape, environment and cultural heritage

Topics and Structure:

  • Service and design for "Culture, Environment and non-formal – informal Education
  • Selecting information, call of proposals, European funding and tenders

  • Non-profit organization, founded from January 2005 in the Emilia Romagna Region operates in and for Italy with European and non European countries in partnership for the International Cooperation
  • Organization registered for the preservation and management of historical sites and buildings

International Participation:

  • Founding member of the Platform for Intercultural Dialogue in Europe, founded in Bruxelles in 2008 "European Year for Intercultural Dialogue", supported by the European Commission; TRAMES coordinates and promotes initiatives on immigration and social inclusion of disadvantaged groups (disabled and hearing loss), methods for the communication and European campaigns
  • Italian Member of the Anna Lindh Foundation Network in the Mediterranean area - based in Alexandria, Egypt

  • 2008 award for 1001 actions for dialogue
1001 Actions for dialogue
  • Active member of the River Cities network  for the protection and enhancement of river basins
  • TRAMES regularly participates in events on the European Programmes in Bruxelles

promotes intercultural dialogue
and reciprocal exchange between European and non-European cultures




participates in the European Community programs
in collaboration with other public and private institutions
to create a common cultural space for European populations




projects and cooperation activities at national and international level



service and advice about





staff and experts for the protection, preservation and enhancement of the:


arts and culture
(EC-PHAROS, educational workshops and guide tour)

landscape and environment
(Water-Education and supports to the Interregional Meeting)

physical activity and sport
(education and networking Key Players, Youth in Action, LLP)

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